Motivational & Inspirational Speaker: Teacher, Writer & Photographer

‘Finding Your Bicycle Ride’

I believe that we are only as powerful as our minds allow us to be. There is limitless potential available to us with hardwork and dedication. We are truly the masters of our own universe. It is my hope I can help you realize these goals and develop your dreams. One of my favourite things is connecting with people as I cycle around the world. I have discovered that collective action can help change the world. I want to hear your stories and share my own. On my route cycling home, I made a few stops to speak about my ride. However, sometimes organizing an event was difficult, because I rarely knew where I would be, when I would arrive or how long I planned to stay.

Now that I have completed my journey arranging a speaking engagement is much easier. If you are interested in hearing me speak for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I speak to people of all ages. In my talks, I use my cycling adventure as a jumping off point to highlight topics of travel, following dreams, motivation, freedom, overcoming challenge, struggle and simply being yourself. I also address issues of poverty. During my time on the road I have witnessed the trials and achievements of struggling communities. I also talk about the importance and impact of my fundraiser with WE Charity in helping to build schools in impoverished areas. Together we have the power to make change possible. I call my talk, ‘Finding Your Bicycle Ride.’

Speaking is geared to adults and children. Schools, Conferences, Service Clubs, Sports Teams and Motivational Groups.

I am currently speaking about my ride in parts of Eastern Ontario to both young learners and adults. Please book in advance by messaging markquattrocchi@hotmail.com.

Thank you for all the interest and support!

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