“Not all those who wander are lost.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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Media Quick Links:

Global News: Ontario Teacher Returns Home after Cycling the World (Video)

Global National News Canada: Everyday Hero (Video)

CTV Morning Live: Cycling the World Interview (Video)

Huffington Post Canada: Journey to Change the World (Article)

Kingston Whig-Standard: World Not So Big & Scary – By Marc & Craig Kielburger (Article)

Ottawa Citizen: Road Warriors Making a Difference (Article)

Trent University Alumni Radio – Trent Voices Podcast (Audio)

Smiths Falls Record News: Post-Ride Advice (Article)

Lake 88 Radio Interview: Cycling Back Into Perth, Ontario (Audio)

Stratford Beacon Herald: Cycling for Free the Children (Article)

Inside Toronto: Riding for Free the Children (Article)

Peterborough This Week: Trent University Alumni (Article)

Mark Quattrocchi’s 2 Year Bicycle Odyssey: Frontenac News (Article)

Journey For Education: Texas Brownsville Herald (Article)

Frontenac News: Cycling Home From China (Article)

Visiting a Future School: Inside Ottawa Valley (Article)

Lake 88 Radio: Interview (Audio)

Travel Max India: Interview (Article)

Insight Adventures China: Interview (Article)

The Spec: Charity Update (Photo)


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Youtube Clips:

2-Year GoPro Bicycle Adventure Around the World

Cycling Home from Sanya

India by Cycle

China to Kyrgyzstan by Pictures

Dancing in Verdara, India: Me to We

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