This page is dedicated to my fundraiser through WE Charity. Over the last few years, I have been funds for We Charity’s Adopt-A-Village program, specifically focused on the ‘Year of Education’ initiative. The original goal was set at raising $10,000, which is the cost of a new schoolhouse/classroom. However, surpassed that quite quickly. As I cycled around the world, I was able to visit the villages we were helping along the way in rural China, India, Kenya, Ecuador and Nicaragua. It was an unique opportunity to see the faces of the people we were helping, to lend a hand, and to share with my supporters firsthand the results of our efforts.

People from near and far have answered the call and helped raise the original $10,000 to build a new school in the village of Guang Ming. This was an amazing feeling. The village is located in China’s Sichuan Province. The community was in desperate need of a new school after a devasting earthquake struck 6 years ago. The construction of the school is now complete and the children of Guang Ming finally have access to reliable education in a safe building.

India was the site of the second schoolhouse in a community called Verdara in Rajasthan Province. With the help of amazing school fundraising projects in Eastern Ontario and the outreach of close friends, we met our second goal with an additional $10,000. Construction has finished on the new schoolhouse in India as well as the third project in Esinoni, Kenya. The fourth project in Shuid, Ecuador as well as El Trapiche, Nicaragua are now underway.

We have reached the $50,000 and words cannot accurately describe my thanks to all of our sponsors. Together we have achieved something truly powerful.

To have a look at my experiences while visiting the communities of India, Kenya, Ecuador and Nicaragua through WE Charity and Me to We, check out some of the links below throughout my journey:

Visiting Verdara, India: Makings of Hope

If you would still like to donate to the cause, simply click on the link provided below OR continue tracking our progress. All proceeds hereafter will be going towards education in the areas we have supported along the way.

My Fundraising Page – Click to Donate

Thank you in advance to all of my supporters for their kind donations that will give people the means to live sustainable, full and happy lives. Please feel free to share my goal and our accomplishments.

To read an article about my journey around the world by Marc & Craig Kieburuger, Founders of Free the Children (WE Charity) and ME to WE, CLICK HERE.

– Support Free The Children’s Year of Education initiative to build 200 schools in developing communities around the world. Every $20 donated provides a brick—the cornerstone of a new school that will open doors for hundreds of children and lay the foundation for thriving communities. 500 bricks($10,000) builds a school!

– 57 million children around the world are still denied access to school

– “Join me in building a future where all children, girls and boys, have access to quality education. Where schools thrive for generations, supported by sustainable communities. Where children, everywhere in the world, can fulfill the dream of education”

Goal: $50,000 – COMPLETE

My Fundraising Page – Click to Donate

For more information about Free the Children and the Adopt-A-Village program visit:



  1. What percentage of the money donated goes to administration?

    • A good question Dave. Free the Children is a very hardworking organization with good people working to develop projects around the world, but of course that comes with a cost as they facilitate between donors, governments and suppporters to raise awareness and get these initatives underway. That being said less than 10% goes to adminstrative costs. The money really does go to where it is needed most. Thank you for your inquiry!

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