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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” ~ Nelson Mandela, Freedom Fighter/Politician

This week I was given an update on the progress of our work with the schoolhouses in China, India and Kenya. The update (see below) highlights the recent achievements and development in the community of Verdara, India. With the new school underway, the students are now able to realize their full potential and become makers of change. I love their unfailing enthusiasm towards education and personal development. It makes me so happy to wonder at all they are becoming and hope to be.

Seeing this made me well-up and feel a extreme sense of pride with all we are achieving. After a long day in the sun and wind, I usually find myself spending my last moments of the day looking up at the night sky. I’ve looked up from quiet camping spots on many clear nights. From quiet hills of Mozambique to still nights on Kyrgyzstani steppe. When there is nothing but nature, air and sky. I see the stars and the shimmering moon. It is in these moment I contemplate the ever moving wonder that is our world. The beauty that has passed me and all the struggles our people face. I feel how small we are, as I gaze up at those distant galaxies. It is in these moments of extreme peace and solitude, I am transported to old worlds of my lifetime. They seem lifelike. I see it all in clarity. Maybe it is only exhaustion, hunger or a haze of confusion, but in my mind, I am there living the experience once again. On starry nights I think of people and faces long past and wonder if they look up all the same.

It reminds me of the extreme significance of our world and all the people in it. People I have met from worlds over with their own dreams, hopes and ambitions. We are all individuals and all apart of this thing we call humanity. As I trundle along the road through Africa my mind often wanders to far off places months behind. On long endless roads I sometimes wonder if I was really there or it was just some distant dream. When I think of Verdara I see the smiling faces of the children. I see them dancing. I see myself in that moment, completely out of place, dancing all the same. I remember the friendly conversations with the headmasters of the schools and their burly moustaches they were both so proud to showcase. The goats of hope and the shiny new bikes. The smells of the countryside and the mountain roads that wind their way up to the schools.

For me though, it is the resolve of the teachers that can never be forgotten. They continue to press their communities to new levels of development on a daily basis. They are the real change makers. I am only happy to help give them the opportunity to teach in a safe environment. It is here we can give parents, teachers and students alike the assurance that education does matter. For today and tomorrow. To the continued prosperity and hope of the people in Verdara.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” ~ Helen Keller, Author/Political Activist

Pieces of my heart are scattered throughout the world as I ride. They are left on the cracks of the road, on golden sunset hills, quiet flowing rivers, soft camping spots and warm conversations. But, I left one of the biggest pieces in a small community somewhere among the Aravalli mountains in Rajasthani, India. From Botswana on a sunny Thursday, I cannot thank everyone enough for your unwavering support!

*To be apart of the change happening in Esinoni, Kenya. CLICK HERE TO DONATE

**New post on my travels through Tanzania to come soon. Stay tuned. Sign up and share!




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  1. Christine Love

    Congratulations Mark! Your selfless dreams and tireless efforts are coming to fruition! May God bring you safely home!

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