A New Beginning

Today is finally here. I have been planning and thinking about this day for a long time. There is still so much left to do, but there will always be something left undone in these situations. It is time to leave. It is a mixed bag of emotions as I look back on the days past and smile.

To know I have led a good and fortunate life. It is hard to think about the people I have met along the way and the ones I am leaving behind. I will miss all the relationships I have made throughout my two years in Sanya, China. A beautiful place that will live in my mind forever. Maybe one day I will return, but for now it is goodbye.

There is not much else to say other than thank you to everyone for all their support as I have been preparing to leave over the last few months. Recently, there has been a flood of amazingly generous donations. Over the last week, we have more than doubled our donations. Almost 3/4 of the way to the goal of $10,000 for the schoolhouse project in Guang Ming, China. Thank you to everyone for their support, we are making a huge difference. I can’t believe the kindness that everyone has shown.

So as I leave I just want to say thank you. Goodbye to old friends that have made this journey possible. For all those times when I was frustrated with the preparation process, thank you for continuing to encourage me. For my girlfriend, who has supported me throughout and continues to put up with me with all her heart. To the Sanya community and the parents of the Canadian International School of Sanya. To my parents and relatives for believing in me. To everyone who has been a part of this experience, a deep and heartfelt thank you. Please follow along and continue to support me. I need it more than you know. Time to cycle across China.  Into the morning sunshine I ride.

About markquattrocchi

My name is Mark Quattrocchi. This site is dedicated to giving people a look into the wonders of world travel. Through my experiences, thoughts and ambitions about adventure, I strive to give motivation to people to follow their dreams.

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  1. Wishing you the very best,Mark,as you begin this exciting journey. No doubt you will accumulate a lifetime of memories.Your warm personality and generous spirit will bring many good people and experiences your way. You will be in my thoughts often. Take care and safe travel.

  2. Good luck! Shall look forward to stories of your adventures ahead. 🙂

  3. Mary Lee Johnston

    Good luck and safe travels!!

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