Your Second Life


What would you do if you had a second life? A strange question to ask, but an interesting one. The rules are, you are still you. You have no different qualities or characteristics. It is still the same old you. However, in this second life, you are able to choose exactly what you want to do with yourself. Maybe you would pursue an alternate career. Travel more. Eat healthier. Exercise more. Say yes more. Live in a different city or country. Look for a new relationship. Or just loaf around for a while. It is not a fantasy life. You can’t just choose to be a millionaire or famous. It is a realistic life. You have to work for what you get.

Maybe you are super happy with where you are right now in your life. But there are always areas we would like to improve or change. Professionally, personally and socially. No one is perfect. This kind of thinking exercise is designed to make you realize some of the aspects of your real life that may need changing. Some even that are easily changeable. Write down some of your true goals or fantasies to make them feel more tangible. When you look at them ask yourself if these ideas are possible. If you think they are not possible, ask yourself again, what is holding you back? What these ideas and goals represent are lost hopes. Maybe they are regrets of the past or still hopes of the present. Thinking hard to yourself, would going after these things make you happier than you are in the present? Would it change your life for the better?

The second life is about taking those chances you may be too insecure about at the moment. Doing something great. The leap you were always longing for, but never took the chance. Taking that chance on a job, adventure or person you otherwise would not have. Maybe once you arrive in your second life it is not as great as you fantasized it would be. But how do you know if you never try. The rest is up to you.

As I prepare to ‘Cycle Around the World’ I sometimes have the ‘Second Life’ moments and thoughts. When things are going very well in my life at work, with my relationships or friends, it is difficult to imagine walking away from everything I have worked for and achieved over the last two years. The ride is something I know I have to do, but it is not always something that seems like the best thing when I am comfortably enjoying myself in the present life. To achieve my true goals and aspirations I know it must involve change, struggle and self-doubt. All great things in life involve that first step. Sometimes you can’t describe a feeling. The bike ride around the world is my ‘Second Life’, my next life. Where it will lead me, I do not know. But I’m saying yes to it. No regrets. Making my ‘Second Life’ a reality. What’s yours?

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My name is Mark Quattrocchi. This site is dedicated to giving people a look into the wonders of world travel. Through my experiences, thoughts and ambitions about adventure, I strive to give motivation to people to follow their dreams.

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