On Minimalism: Part 2 – People

“If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, then this is the best season of your life.” Wu-Men

Imagine one day saying goodbye. Saying goodbye to everyone you love. Shipping off to the other side of the world. You know no one, you have no one and you are forced to start over. Just simply start. Who are the people you would choose to start with? Who are the people who represent your interests and goals?

Being thrown into this situation is quite freeing and daunting at the same time. You find out a lot about yourself and the people you choose to associate yourself with. By living on the other side of the world, you also find out who is truly important to you. The people you choose to stay in contact with and the people who value you. The ones who ask questions, send updates and frankly give a damn. Then you come home and it is easy to find the people who are deserved of your time. Don’t waste your breath on plugged ears.

By looking at your home from an outsiders perspective you can see who matters. It is amazing the people we clutter our lives up with. No one should keep friends because of situation. Go out and meet new people. There are over 7 billion of us. Everyone may not be to your personal liking or taste. But everyone is of someone’s interest. If you’re doing it, then there is likely someone else who is doing it as well. Find them, seek them out and befriend your new world. The world is full of amazing and diverse populations. Don’t limit yourself by circumstance. I have grown so much since living abroad and continually meeting new people from all over. It’s amazing what you can find out from simply saying ‘Hello”.

Ask questions. Life shouldn’t be a monologue. It should be a rolling and enjoyable interview of sorts. A lot of us are afraid to approach this person or that because we fear rejection. Rejection is one of the most perverse fears. It stops us acting before we even start. Go talk to that person standing idle at the bar. Give the guy with a neat shirt a thumbs up. If you see someone doing something awesome, tell them. They’ll all appreciate it. By doing so and meeting numerous people you expand your personal repertoire. Indecision is further away. You will know who you should be spending your time with. I’m not saying cut everyone you don’t care for out of your life, but give them the same attention they deserve.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.” Hans Hoffman

We are only here for a short time, so why spend it with people who don’t make you happy. Who don’t have your best decisions in mind. At the bottom of ourselves the thing we are all looking for is happiness. Be with those who make you feel this way. If you don’t have them in your life, then go to places that are of interest to you and you will find them. Shake their hand, hear their story, share yours and don’t fear rejection. You can be as invisible as you make yourself. Share your talents with the world. With the people who matter in your heart. You are your own game changer if your not content with the people who you associate yourself with.

Be proud of your identity and others will follow you. Have as many people in your life as your attention deserves. Your smiles shouldn’t be limited, but many. Now go out and show that you care.

In part 3 I will discuss the notion of minimizing your ‘actions’. How your actions should reflect your personal goals and passions in relation to the people you associate with and the items you keep. Until next time.


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My name is Mark Quattrocchi. This site is dedicated to giving people a look into the wonders of world travel. Through my experiences, thoughts and ambitions about adventure, I strive to give motivation to people to follow their dreams.

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