Saying ‘YES’

Mongolian Camping The more you say ‘yes’ to life the more you will get out of it. A pretty simple concept. But one which seems more difficult when people are forced to put it into practice. We are propositioned with a myriad of different opportunities each day. However, it is up to the individual to sift through the mess in order to find the best possible situations to involve themselves in. Advertisements are one of the first and most prevalent things we may struggle with. Buy this brand of clothes, go on that vacation, eat here, shop there, new cellphone, more stuff, stuff, stuff, stuff. The number one thing for myself when it comes to my money is that I should be buying memories not things. This means spending money on things which leads to future positive memories. A plane ticket and a tent is an example of where money is spent to buy memories. No one can take the memories you make on a trip or adventure away from you. If you can avoid the advertisements which bombard you each day then you come closer to saying yes to more memorable ways of passing your time.

By saying ‘yes’ you never know where you will end up. This summer I went to Mongolia on a self-guided motorbike trip. Was I nervous? Yes of course. However, it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Throughout the journey I kept saying yes to strange and unknown situations. One day i found myself helping a local nomad with his chores which resulted in milking all of his goats in the middle of nowhere. Not all of the decisions ended up being the correct ones, but that is part of it. That is where amazing new memories come from. By making mistakes it is how we grow and become better people. Not that helping a man milk his goats was a bad decision, it was simply a result of agreeing to be apart of situations that are outside our comfort zone. Today people are too afraid of failure and looking foolish. But better that you tried and failed than not have tried at all.

Next time someone asks you to do something which makes you a bit nervous or is something you would not normally do, try and say yes. I’m not saying to jump off bridges or participate in activities which you know are dangerous, but just trying something new. ‘Yes’ is a powerful word if you know how to use it right. Your life is what you make of it. You can spend each night inside watching TV or actually get out there and make things happen. Get together with a friend, go for a bike ride or take a language class. Do something that makes your life more rewarding. Not because you have to, but because you want to. Life is exciting so say ‘yes’ to the right moments!

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My name is Mark Quattrocchi. This site is dedicated to giving people a look into the wonders of world travel. Through my experiences, thoughts and ambitions about adventure, I strive to give motivation to people to follow their dreams.

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